Schedule 2016

We are so excited about our “jam packed” schedule for ArtBizJam 2016, the 4th annual art business retreat and our special guest Susan January! Come join us! There will be time to learn, create, network and make new friends while surrounded by gorgeous mountain views! You will go home “over the moon” inspired and recharged with a clear path to maximize your art business success.

Opening date ArtBizJam 2016


Meet and Greet Wine Party, Show and Tell of Badges, Introductions – Tell Your Story

ArtBizJam dates 2016

Day 1, Thursday:

Greeting Cards. Learn the state of the industry with an overview of the greeting card market the way it is today and the levels of greeting card companies from the giants to the independents and in-between. Also, learn the effect of social media on the greeting card industry, the artist’s ability to make money on greeting cards, the status of seasonal cards and much more…Susan January

Unravel the Mystery of Using Social Media to Support Your Art Business.
Explore the pros and cons of each major online marketing channel and the tools to manage them that align with your goals, learn insights and pro user tips for optimizing Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and others. Bring your smart devices to implement what you will learn right away. Learn the important role that your website, blogs and shopping carts play in the social media landscape…Cherish Flieder

The First Steps in Creating a Collection – Research and Image Boards. “Trending is your friend.” Staying on top of trends and learning to create image boards are both invaluable tools in the creation of collections for licensing. You will be given tips and examples on how to plug these tools into your creative process…Lori Siebert

Day 2, Friday:

How Does an Artist Get into the Greeting Card Business? Should you do it on your own or by licensing your art? Learn how to submit, to whom and in what format. Learn what is more important – colors, trends, themes or occasions and what the best ways are for an artist to develop a working relationship with a greeting card publisher and much more…Susan January

Develop an Anti-Overwhelming Marketing Map. You will be guided to create an easy to implement plan to build your brand awareness, even while you sleep! What should you do and focus on first? Learn how to map out a schedule that optimizes your content and offerings in a way that your audience can enjoy them. Choose the best technology, techniques, and timing to share your messages and build your following…Cherish Flieder

Completing your collection. Stay in tune with your vision by developing licensing content authentic to your core style. Learn how to show your collections in their best light with page layout and product concepts and/or products mockups. What to think about when presenting art from greeting cards to different markets such as fabric, gift, home décor, wall art, and more.  See examples of how collections are presented and typical themes that manufacturers look for…Lori Siebert & Phyllis Dobbs

Day 3, Saturday

The Business of Cards.  How big is the category and which segments are growing and which have peaked? Know what you should look for in a licensing agreement, the fees – flat or royalty and the rate and exclusivity. How you should be promoting and protecting your brand once it’s licensed, the effects of greeting cards on your brand, case studies of some major artists and much more…Susan January

Email Secrets & Strategies for Creatives. Leverage and build your brand relations and income by taking it to the next level with email marketing. Not the icky kind, but the kind that treats your fans like the true VIPS that they are. There is an art to earning opt-ins and getting attention in the inbox and building relationships. Explore some exciting ways to serve, engage and entertain your biggest fans…Cherish Flieder

Earning a Living from your Art. We will expore various avenues that an artist can use to earn a living from his or her art. There are numerous ways to turn your art into income and and have it all come together with multiple sales streams from the same art. You will have many options to create your own income streams based on your needs and the different directions you can take your art…Phyllis Dobbs

Daily Recharging. When you aren’t soaking in the knowledge in the jam packed sessions … You can unwind by taking a little walk in the beautiful mountain surroundings, sketching on the big ol’ cabin porch, sharing a glass of wine while you hang out in the hot tub, or chatting and bonding with your new creative tribe. ArtBizJam creates lasting friendships that support and cheerlead one another in this business throughout the year.

Evening Optional Creative Play. After dinner and throughout the workshop, there will be a table set up just for creative play. Work on your new collection. You can paint, draw or journal (in your PJ’s while drinking wine if that’s what suits you.) We will also share some little creative prompts each day to give you a starting point or you can use this creative time in any way you wish. A lot of conversations and laughter happen in the downtime. We encourage everyone to join in the party!!


  • Optional Portfolio Review – Have your portfolio reviewed by all the teachers for valuable feedback for creating a dynamic portfolio to show your art, ability and style to the best advantage. Reserve by June 15 and receive a free portfolio review!
  • AND…throughout.  WE WILL do our very best to make sure you are laughing, learning, creating and having an amazingly memorable experience!
  • YOU…just need to come ready to enjoy the the mountain views and fall colors and tons of fun and a few surprises!

Closing date ArtBizJam 2016

Goodbyes and hugs!  Warning – you may return home with new friendships and full of creative energy!

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. Albert Schweitzer.